Illustration 8/8/17

Pastel color of Wren, one of our original characters for our upcoming story.


Illustration 7/25/17

I drew an old character’s of Tea that she requested, to see what I could draw of her more seductive characters. It was a fun little sketch to do. Something to distract me from the existential horror that is going to be next week’s comic. In addition Tea continues to work on and post her coloring, which is fabulous. Featured this week is a character named Alyx who we are exploring as a half Japanese/British, that was formerly just British. And then there is Thyra, a female knight that’s part of the story we continue to work on.


Random-encounterz will be taking a break for one month as Tea and I set our eyes on completing as much of our other comic project as possible in that time. We’ll be happy to post images and panels from that project as we move through. People can expect Random-encounterz to return late May to early June for an overall status report on things. We’ll keep in touch and be working hard on our pet project.

– Yuji