No Matter What, Love Will Prevail!

Of course victory conditions may vary, depending on the couple…

– Yuji

The Only Logical Course of Action

I will miss Leonard Nimoy.  He was a very active member of the communities in which he belonged, he loved the fans and I loved his photography. 

I am also back!  Still not fully healed, as the flu caused a secondary infection in my sinuses.  I am rather tired but hopefully I won’t be missing any more comics 🙂  I make no promises… as much as I would like to say my comics come first, getting healthy is my top priority.

The Sickness 2: The Sickening

Yuji here.

Tea’s been ridden with a flu like sickness for the past six days, so production may be a bit slow for the next few posts. In the meantime I will do my best to cover for her with short comics or illustrations such as this. Since I gave an awesome illustration for my sick day a while back, I decided it was time to give Tea one as well. She requested a Ghost in the Shell inspired piece. So far I’ve avoided the illness so far, but such luck may not last long. Fingers crossed!