Fishing Vacation

Vacations are so awesome! We are enjoying ours.   I promise to post pictures when we get back 🙂

Poke’mon on the Brain

This is a real thing that happened.  Because I had a stroke and I had been previously diagnosed ADHD and Learning Disabilities, I’m having to be re tested.  During the test, I was asked to define evolution and while I KNOW the definition of evolution and I know what evolution is, I could not stop thinking about Poke’mon.

Just my luck they used the word ‘evolution.’  Just my luck…

The Inevitable Consequence of Poke’mon Go!

Some of you may not know, but a new cellphone app called Poke’mon Go is in the works to bring the concept of Poke’mon into our everyday world. The app is an augmented reality game where you point your cell phone at your environment and spot Poke’mon to catch. You’ll find different Poke’mon in different regions all across the world!

Naturally as an adult with many things to do I do not have the time to physically go out and catch them all. However I am a completionist, and wouldn’t let such a small problem stop me from obtaining all of the Poke’mon. Some would call it theft, I will call it human creativity at it’s finest!

Good hunting Y’all!

– Yuji

What if Poke’mon were like Real Life Pets? #2

What goes in, must come out.

If you have a pet, you will be handling poo.  You will examine the poo.  You will talk about the poo to other people in your household.

This  comic is what I thought of when I read in my Pokedex that Snorlax will eat 900lbs of food when hungry.  Thank gooness we don’t actually have to clean up after Poke’mon; the phrase ‘gotta catch em all’ would likely be associated with insanity, not some kinda achievement.