Illustration 9/19/17

Here’s a portrait of myself. This one is much closer to my actual self, in real life.

Illustration 7/25/17

I drew an old character’s of Tea that she requested, to see what I could draw of her more seductive characters. It was a fun little sketch to do. Something to distract me from the existential horror that is going to be next week’s comic. In addition Tea continues to work on and post her coloring, which is fabulous. Featured this week is a character named Alyx who we are exploring as a half Japanese/British, that was formerly just British. And then there is Thyra, a female knight that’s part of the story we continue to work on.

Illustrations 7/13/17

Apologies, but the comic will be late due to some changes being made to the comic, and unexpected pain days for Tea. It will be up next week on Friday. In the meantime please enjoy illustrations I’ve been working on throughout the week.

Illustration 6/16/17: Sketches

We have a sketch post for Friday this week, due to two things. First is that I have acquired a new day job, which has required rigorous training which has left me a bit brain dead. In addition I also came down with a mild fever this week, and was unable to dedicate enough time to the comic between my other work. We will have a comic up next Friday as well as a new inked illustration for Tuesday so please look forward to that.

– Yuji