Nintendo’s Fond Farewell to the Wii U

A eulogy for Nintendo’s Wii U in wake of the Nintendo Switch’s announcement.

– Yuji

Injured Gamer

This comic ties into my previous comic Phases of the Sick Gamer.

I did injure myself by falling down the stairs.  My arm has healed, but tomorrow I am going to the doctor to see if my tailbone is anything more than just bruised.  Here’s hoping!  I can’t even sit up to play on the computer 😦

Its been not too pleasant but, Yuji has made it brighter 🙂  He also helped me color this comic.

Staples: Bread, Flour, Sugar, Halo

Need I say more? Really? It almost feels like an obligation to buy it.  Oh.. look, the new Halo game came out, welp time to add it to our shelf.

In real life Yuji and I have decided to wait on buying it.  The real killer for us was the lack of split screen multiplayer mode.  We are currently playing our way through the other Halos (I have never played them before).  Its a great way to spend a couples night.  The fact that its not there (plus the added edition of micro transactions) really goes to show the creators only care about two things: a small portion of their fans and money.

meh, like I said… eventually it will become part of our collection but I highly doubt we are going to reach for it unless we need the gaming equivalent of white bread.

Fallout Shelter: The Smell Before the Taste

Why can’t it be November yet?

To all you Non-gamers, I’m referring to Fallout 4.  What a way to whet the appetite for this game by releasing Fallout Shelter!  Please, Bethesda, just… let me take a sip.  A little sip?

E3 Blues

This time we mixed it up, I inked and Yuji colored (I know, its much better the other way around.  Blame the fibro)

E3, Electronic Arts Expo is where video games are announced every year.  This year had some fantabulous titles that we are looking forward to.  Not the least of which is a new Mass Effect game, the much awaited FFVII remake, the new Kingdom Hearts game, the next installment of Tomb Raider, a new title Horizon Zero Dawn, FALLOUT 4, and many many more excellent looking games!

Now…if only I could be playing them… T_T