Miss Hokusai left us with varied impressions

Miss Hokusai the animated movie is a very good movie.  However we have discovered its not a movie that speaks to everyone.  Bear is not a very visual person and he does not have an understanding of Japanese art.  He was left asking ‘what was with this movie!?’  whereas it really spoke to Yuji and I.

– Tea


Watching a movie like Miss Hokusai isn’t going to be appealing to all viewers. It’s already a movie about artists and that by itself can be alienating for people who aren’t invested in the lives and values of artists.

Now it’s no surprise that I found the movie interesting, being a guy who likes to draw things. But what I found refreshing in film was the lack projected self importance that is often present in art films. The value and importance of art to the world message so to speak. Rather the movie simply showed the viewer what Hokusai and his daughter found interesting and no attempt was made by the film or its characters to preach the virtue of art.

It was a movie about people who like to do art because they like it. And I can respect that kind of honest sincerity in an art film.

– Yuji


Cole and Marmalade Fan!

Hermione is a HHHUUUUGE Cole and Marmalade fan!  I think its because she was feral, she’s young and she lives with 3 elderly cats… that being said, I also think she has a crush on Marmalade.


Here is a pic of one of my feline overlords, Hermione!

Gender Swap

Tea brought forth this idea to me one day about whether there are character’s whose gender have little to no impact on the character’s story. These are a few of the examples we thought of, with some rationale to explain our opinion.

Goku: Goku’s all about fighting and getting stronger, and while that seems macho and full of testosterone, his attitude about being strong is pretty gender neutral in my opinion. If Goku were male or female he/she would still be fighting and training to get stronger. Canonically both Saiyan men and women were recruited to battle off-world so this goes without saying.

Harley Quinn: Her story is more centered around the idea of severe Stockholm syndrome, which works for either a guy or girl. It would simply be a matter of making the Joker bisexual, which given his chaotic nature isn’t all that demanding of him.

Duke Nukem: Duke’s character is all about his ego, whether it’s to be taken seriously or not. As such making Duke a woman wouldn’t necessarily change the “all about me” attitude that he sports. Some quirks and nuances may change with a gender flip but the core of his character would remain mostly in tact.

Lara Croft: Placed here for the sake of making a Tomb Raider/Uncharted joke.

Cthulhu: Placed here for the sake of making a joke about unidentifiable alien genders.

Morrigan: Outside of wanting to have a baby w/ the Grey Warden to have a god baby, Morrigan’s story wouldn’t change all that much with a gender swap. To me her story is one of learning more about the world and trying to escape the perceived clutches of her mother who may or may not be evil.

Link: I guess Link’s gender is super important to his character. I mean, If Eiji Aonuma says that making Link a girl would mess with the balance of the Triforce, then I suppose we have no choice but to accept what he says. After all we can’t make changes happen to a fictional character if they have an impact fictional concepts right? Right? It may just cause Eiji Aonuma to fall out the space time continuum.

YouTube Auto-play Misadventures

Sickness is abound, and recently I was very sick and unable to move.  I watched You Tube for an entire day… and needless to say, that probably was not the best idea.  I had some very trippy dreams…

I hope everyone is able to get through this season of disease!!!


I’ve been fine, no sickness for me!
At least for now…

– Yuji

Swearing Age Inquisition

This comic is dedicated to the amazing awesome Zoey!  I remember when she was born.  I remember chasing her around the house and her shrieking in happiness.  So many amazing memories to count.  She is one step closer to becoming an adult.  I feel old.  🙂

Everyone at Random Encounterz is so honored to be considered her friend.