Fallout 4: The Black Hole

Its not! Its not going to explore itself!  🙂

Fallout Shelter: The Smell Before the Taste

Why can’t it be November yet?

To all you Non-gamers, I’m referring to Fallout 4.  What a way to whet the appetite for this game by releasing Fallout Shelter!  Please, Bethesda, just… let me take a sip.  A little sip?

Fallout Memory Lapse

With games like this, you can get easily lost in the details and never actually finish the ‘game.’  Bear points out ‘can anyone really finish Fallout?’

I do love Fallout.  I’ve grown up playing the games.  (This may not actually be a good thing.)

I won’t get too excited however.  I’ve had too many treasured memories violated (I’m looking at you Dungeon Keeper) for me to get emotionally invested.  I hope its a good game.  We shall see..