Cole and Marmalade Fan!

Hermione is a HHHUUUUGE Cole and Marmalade fan!  I think its because she was feral, she’s young and she lives with 3 elderly cats… that being said, I also think she has a crush on Marmalade.


Here is a pic of one of my feline overlords, Hermione!


Kitchen Conundrums with Tea

For the record: I did the rough draft for this comic except for the panel where she is holding the blade.  Yuji inked everything, and I colored it.  This is the first comic I have worked on with my new Surface Pro 3 🙂 Mom, Dad, and Yuji made it happen.  I am very grateful to them.  I was not able to do shading because the Surface Pro 3 came later in the day.  There is only so much time in the day >.>

I cook just fine, but I am a very clumsy person and this scenario is not all that far fetched.  Its probably why I prefer baking.  >.> Its slower, and requires less knives.

The worst kitchen accident I have ever had involved steaming off three fingers worth of skin on my drawing hand.  I know kitchen safety, but my fibro fog set in and I was not paying attention.  This is why I usually don’t cook for myself.  Its not as big of a problem for me because I am surrounded by people who help me when I can’t cook for myself.  Even so, I still eat a lot of pre made food or easily made things (like tuna wraps).  Not everyone has my kind of support and help, so if you have the opportunity to make a healthy nummy home cooked meal for someone with any kind of challenges PLEASE DO.

I will be doing my regular comics again!  YAY!

Mass Effect: Andromeda News Causes Mass Effect Flashbacks

I love the Mass Effect series, but there is a reason why I don’t often go back to play the first game in the series; the Mako.  I love the Mako in THEORY but lets just say: the physics, the boring landscapes, and the ‘go to this map marker, go to that mapmarker’ gameplay made for a very boring, frustrating experience.  I REALLY HOPE they don’t repeat the same mistake in Mass Effect: Andromeda.  I ALSO REALLY HOPE that the exploration will be fun, engaging, interesting and MOST IMPORTANTLY does not get boring after the first play through.

Blizzard: Overwatch Butt Pose

The gaming community has been talking about this subject and I felt we needed to address how we feel about it… which is ‘meh.’  My mother and I are both feminists and our comic has been critical about the portrayal of women in video games/cartoons/anime/comics/manga in the past.  We are the first people to jump at something, but this…?  Really?  It’s a girl wearing tight yoga pants showing off her butt.  Go to the gym and you’ll get a lot of girls showing their ass in this kind of clothing.

My major problem with the portrayal of women is when they become simply objects to be admired; when the viewer becomes almost creepily voyeuristic and particularly when the woman does not have a strong character.   THE WORST offense is when these characters are underage.  These are all things to get upset about because there are so many of these ‘characters’ out there.  I would not find them offensive if they were the exception, not the norm.

This pose has style, and confidence.  She has a semi sexy outfit and she’s showing it off playfully.  The outfit she’s wearing is sexy yes, but nothing unusual from what other women wear.  I kind of like it, it reminds me of Sailor Moon.

So many other things to be upset about… so many other things.

The Last of Us… he has a point there…

It is true that when we first started dating I was firmly a PC girl and Yuji was a console man, but we are playing it up here.  The reason I started dating him was not so I could have access to the game ‘The Last of Us.’

It was just… a very very nice perk.