Starting date and what to expect

The starting date for the comic should be the end of June to early July.  A few of the people working on this project are not graduating from college until that time period.  I have already finished my college classes but I tend to work slow because of a few health conditions I suffer from.  In the ‘about us’ I plan to elaborate more when the comic is launched.  For now, please save us in your bookmarks, check back for the occasional post 🙂 If I CAN get things ready before June I will!  What to expect from us?  When we begin to publish you can expect a regular weekly comic focusing on life as a gamer and blog posts about gaming and geek life.  My boyfriend and I are artists and we plan on using this website as a way to advertise our art and receive commissions.  We have several projects planned to expand on this website, including a online comic for children and graphic novels with original stories!