If You Haven’t Got a Ha’Penny, Then God Bless You

Merry Christmas Everyone!

– The peeps from Random Encounterz

Wishlist? What’s that??

I always thought telling people what you wanted for Christmas was strange, mostly because it seemed rude to tell people what to get you. I mean it’s okay as a kid, but I always thought when you became an adult you should just be happy that you’re getting gifts in the first place.

I realize now though that the Christmas list isn’t for you, but for the people who are getting you gifts. It helps them know what to get so they don’t have to guess, just send money, or rip their own hair out in tumultuous rage. It’s win win for everyone!


…so why do I always forget to make one…

Oh well there’s always next year!

Yuji out!



The children returned upon Christmas day.
They live just up the hill, so they can’t stay away.
Being greeted with cookies created bright faces,
They stared under the tree, with unwavering gazes.

Paper and bows were shredded, torn away,
While oblivious parents began their soiree.
Whispers and glances in the shadows began,
the initial steps of next year’s cunning plan.

Read the whole poem here! (we’re done now)