Concept Art 8/1/2017

We continue to work on our original story.  Here we are trying to figure out what one of our characters uniforms will look like.

Here is also the magic version.  I only gave myself a couple hours to color so, it’s a bit rough.  I like how it is coming along 🙂Sybil magic




Yuji’s Awesome D&D Sketches

So we were playing some 5e D&D today and Yuji had some time to take pencil to paper. I think some of them are based on Once Piece characters. Enjoy!

Some One Piece characters, I think?

I think this one is the love child of Jigglypuff and Dwayne Johnson…

At this point we were strategizing about how to fight an evil cult. So this is Yuji’s monk rocket punching a dragon.

I… I don’t know what any of this is…

Art Day: Werewolf in the Snow

Tea here.  I only had one day to color the image and paint the background.  I honestly would have preferred more time but I’m fairly happy with what came out considering the single day of work.

To make it clear, Yuji penciled and inked the werewolf, I (Tea) colored the werewolf and painted the background.

Here is the image without the atmosphere, since I could not decide which one was better.

The Black Dog without atmosphere