Miss Hokusai left us with varied impressions

Miss Hokusai the animated movie is a very good movie.  However we have discovered its not a movie that speaks to everyone.  Bear is not a very visual person and he does not have an understanding of Japanese art.  He was left asking ‘what was with this movie!?’  whereas it really spoke to Yuji and I.

– Tea


Watching a movie like Miss Hokusai isn’t going to be appealing to all viewers. It’s already a movie about artists and that by itself can be alienating for people who aren’t invested in the lives and values of artists.

Now it’s no surprise that I found the movie interesting, being a guy who likes to draw things. But what I found refreshing in film was the lack projected self importance that is often present in art films. The value and importance of art to the world message so to speak. Rather the movie simply showed the viewer what Hokusai and his daughter found interesting and no attempt was made by the film or its characters to preach the virtue of art.

It was a movie about people who like to do art because they like it. And I can respect that kind of honest sincerity in an art film.

– Yuji

Do you even bleed?

So this comic came about in an odd way.  I was ranting to Yuji about how sterile the some of the ‘women’ (if they can be called that) feel sterile in Manga and Anime.  He then took one of my unopened pads and held it up yelling ‘Do you even bleed!?’  The image perfectly summarized my feelings on the matter.

These ‘women’ probably don’t bleed, it would ruin the fantasy.

Princess Kaguya: Damn you (my) Culture!

I don’t know why, but despite knowing beforehand that the Princess Kaguya tale ends in tragedy, I took it rather poorly. I’ve watched my fair share of anime and movies that have bitter sweet endings, and usually I have no issues with them. Most of my all time favorite shows have downer endings I enjoy. Something about Princess Kaguya forgetting about her time on Earth got to me real bad. Disregarding my own frustration at how the story ended, the movie was gorgeously animated and beautiful to watch. Definitely an enjoyable movie.


Dragonball: Revelation

We have been going on a Dragonball and Dragonball Z Abridged lately, after catching up on Team Four Star’s Dragonball Z Abridged series on YouTube.  To my delight, Hulu has added all of Dragonball and Dragonball Z to their library.

My introduction to the Dragonball franchise began when I was 11, when I would watch Dragonball Z on Toonami every day after school.  Dragonball was never shown on television when I was a child.

Dragonball Z is notorious for drawing out its story to unbelievable lengths.  Entire episodes are wasted on two men staring at each other and/or screaming at each other.  It is the only television show that I know of where the selling point of a recent special edition release was LESS footage.  (Despite this flaw, my brother and I loved the show.)

Since Dragonball came before Dragonball Z, I expected it to follow this same formula.  I am shocked to discover every episode of Dragonball furthers the plot in some way.  There are clearly defined beginning, middle and ends.  WHAT A MINI REVELATION!

Lets see if I still feel this way when I finish the series.

Ultimate Techniques: Show Don’t Tell

I’ve recently read a few manga that are guilty of over exposition when it comes to character powers and abilities (cough cough BLEACH! cough…) Not just in explaining what the power is but that it’s the character using the power that’s giving away this information. It’s like the character has this compulsive urge to stroke their ego even at the risk of giving away vital intel and exposing potential weaknesses to their ability. To me this likely occurs for a few reasons. 1. The writer believes s/he has come up with a truly unique ability or power that deserves explanation to show how awesome or how clever they are. 2. Said power is so outlandish and impossible to deduce that the character has to give this information away or will end up being nigh unbeatable. I know it’s kind of a thing in certain genres of manga/anime to have strange and bizarre powers and they can be interesting to learn about. It’s simply the stupid way in which some shows explain the powers, especially if it’s the character who wields the power themselves. It seems rather ironic too since Japanese swordsman, and martial artists would consider special techniques to be sacred treasures whose secrets should never be revealed to outsiders. There are simply better ways to do it. Just read Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, they made a whole manga around characters trying to solve mysteries about the nature of their opponents power that becomes part of the fight. It would be much less interesting if the villain simply explained that he can control the iron around him and in your body.

It’s never a good idea to sacrifice the intelligence of your characters for some potentially cool exposition.