Fibro Flare ups suck!

Tea’s Fibromyalgia is kicking her butt recently and she’s not been able to sleep very well.  She now has new meds to help her sleep so she will be much better by next week!  This week, there won’t be a comic from her 😦 She’s catching up on much needed rest.


Domain Registration And Nameservers Are Different Things, Apparently

You may have noticed that REZ was down the last few days. Well, I can say with absolute certainty that I am an idiot. When we switched our web host a while back, I thought that was effectively changing the registrar as well. This is not the case because WordPress.com can’t accept domain registration transfers. I did not know this. As a result, I let our domain registration expire. Whoops! And of course everything in the universe conspired to to make renewing our registration as difficult as possible, because life. Everything is better now… clearly. You’re reading this after all. But I thought I owed you readers an explanation.

TL:DR I’m a moron and that’s why REZ was down a few days.


Halloween Comic!

For those of you wondering what happened to the usual Friday comic, fear not! Our Halloween themed comic will be up and ready to read tomorrow.

Now that I think about, the whole “fear not” thing isn’t really in the spirit of the holiday. So be very afraid! Our new comic will be here tomorrow!

Darn, that doesn’t really work either…


Power outage woes.

Hey guys! Bear here. We got caught in a pretty nasty storm the other day and lost power. That’s why there have been no comics. Sorry! I’m writing this from my phone using our crummy data plan. We will post a comic as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience!


Sorry for not having a new comic posted.

Please forgive me!  The air quality on Sunday was horrendous, due to the wildfires in Washington State.  It set off a very horrendous pain attack, which I am still recovering from.   Our comic should continue as scheduled this Thursday (unless the smoke from the wildfires drifts our way again.)

I love you fans! I hate to disappoint you 😦



What do you do when one of your heroes (Alton Brown) likes your comic on Twitter and Facebook?

What did we do when Alton Brown liked us on Twitter and Facebook? (Specifically, he liked The Never Seen Episode of Iron Chef: America)

First we did a little of THIS.

We  spent all day reading peoples comments and laughing.  Our phones would not stop buzzing! (So glad people caught the Last Airbender reference.)

We particularly like the guy who made this:


The original post can be found in the comments section of Alton Brown’s original post.

While reading comments we decided to celebrate by cooking one of Alton Brown’s recipes from his Good Eat books.   (We own all 3 Good Eats books, of course! Everyone should.) YUM!  Cooking will commence when we can all agree on what we want 🙂

We cannot express in words how happy we are that our comic brought a smile to so many faces.  Its a huge boost for us!  We will continue to strive and create more awesome comics in the future.