Yuji’s Isis-Chan

Because any and all things can be improved with the power of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure! The one thing ISIS can never take away is our ability to have fun in life. STAND PROUD!!


These images are our contribution to an effort to Google bomb ISIS.  This is not intended to make fun of anyone’s culture or religious beliefs.  The article that tuned me into this movement can be found HERE.

We usually try to stay away from politics on Random Encounterz… but this is ISIS we are talking about.  We hate ISIS about as much as anybody outside of ISIS hates ISIS.

If you draw an image of ISIS-Chan and send us the link, we will post it on our website.  If enough people send us images, we may even start a special ISIS-Chan gallery!  Let’s do our part to combat ISIS’s image by drawing pictures of a cute sexy anime girl who loves melons!!

Let us know what you think!

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