What I Enjoy About Fallout 4


One of the things I really enjoyed about Fallout 4 is how quickly I could jump into the game and set up my character. Alot of it could be coincidence in that most the random pieces of gear lying around the first area were things I liked. But I also liked how quickly I could jump into weapon mod stations and start fiddling with what items I had already picked up.

Fallout 4 is not a masterpiece, the main character is rather dull, the dialog is minimal and not terribly interesting, and the modifications to the combat system may only appeal to guys like me that enjoy Battlefield. But these modern Bethesda games are like the Lego of video games. A place where you have pieces to build your own story with your imagination. I have fun with the kind of narratives I make in my head based on the layout of random details in buildings, bodies, items etc. It’s a fun game to play, and to me that’s important.

Let us know what you think!

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