Star Wars: It Begins Again

Well…I guess discussion is bound to happen when it comes to Star Wars. How will it compare to the other films? Will J.J. Abrams be the right director for the movies? Is Disney going to milk this new series to death? (oops that shouldn’t even be a question). Will there be a war with Disney vs Expanded Universe continuity? Of course until the movie proper hits theaters there’s only speculation to be had, so let’s look at the little things we get, like the cross-guard light saber in the teaser trailer. I’ve heard arguments for both this being an awesome design and a really stupid one. I’ve decided to withhold my judgement on it’s design until I’ve seen it used in combat. Though I will say nothing about it bothered me immediately. I think it has potential to be used in a very clever and interesting way. I would only have a serious problem with the design if it was used just like any other light saber, rendering the new design completely pointless.

I’m not much for getting hyped on the new movies, but I do hope they are good fun.

Let us know what you think!

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