Star Wars Battlefront: The Cinematic Experience

I’ve been playing the Star Wars Battlefront Beta for the past couple of days this week.

I’ve heard many mixed expectations from my friends and the internet on the new Battlefront; some are excited and looking forward to the game, others weary of EA and underwhelmed by the revealed content. I’m somewhere in the middle, I’m excited to play a new Battlefront but also worry about EA’s influence creeping into the title. Having played the beta, I’m relieved to find that the game is at least an enjoyable experience. I don’t know that DICE will be able balance the game perfectly, and the game will likely not be a competitive title like other DICE Battlefield games. It’s nice to see Star Wars in HD with Frostbite, but it’s also strange to play a game that is like Battlefield 4 but with less features.

I will probably get a good experience from the game when the full title is released, and I hope that EA doesn’t go too crazy with DLC content.


Let us know what you think!

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