Fixing up the Castle

The Empress sent us her best masons and a ton of supplies.  I have no idea what happened to them.  They clearly did not go to fixing my castle, or any of the fortresses that I ‘liberated.’

The hallway leading to the council chamber is a disaster that has not been addressed since I arrived.  If you look closely, you’ll see a beautiful rug beneath the broken masonry.  When I arrived, there was no rug.  Someone had to roll out that beautiful rug, then place the broken masonry on top of it.

The rotten fragmented remains of a cart remains in the courtyard.  No one has bothered to clean up the muddy puddles either.  The stable master swears up and down his facilities are world class, but I’m unsure what he’s talking about.  His stable is a disaster.  The wood is clearly raw and splintering and the barns roof needs to be completely replaced in order to protect the mounts from the next drizzle.

I’m questioning Cullen’s sanity.  He moved his office and bedroom into one of the towers.  The rotten wood and debris that was there when we arrived has yet to be cleaned out and the roof has yet to be fixed.  I wonder if my castles current state of disrepair has something to do with the fact that Cullen can’t protect his paperwork from the elements.

Someone please help me.  The Empress came to visit our camp in the forest.  She was wearing the same dress she wore to the ball.  These people be crazy.

One thought on “Fixing up the Castle

  1. Lol, oh man, this has been bugging me since I got to Skyhold. I’m starting to think the masons all got “inspired” by the Herald’s heroic deeds and tried to slay a dragon with their toolbelt.

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