Final Fantasy XV: Super Fabulous Edition

I think the problem Square has with Final Fantasy is that they take it more serious than it needs to be, especially with their visual aesthetic. I only know of one man who can craft an excellent story FROM SUCH FABULOUS DESIGNS! But alas there can only be one Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in our world and thus it may never be.

That won’t stop me from thinking about it though. Besides just because the main character is this guy who wears all black, has slicked down hair that covers his face, has powers that commune with death, and looks like Sasuke from Naruto, doesn’t mean he’s going to be some brooding overly depressing guy, right…Right? I guess we don;t know until it comes out. Whenever that might be.

Can’t possibly be any worse than the XIII series. Ugh…

Let us know what you think!

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