Dragonball Super: The Double Quickening

What is there to say about a new Dragonball anime. Really? Dragonball Z itself was already taking Dragonball, jumping the shark, and then following that up by detonating ten nuclear devices at the world international clown cyborg ninja crocodile convention. We’re talking about a series that was suppose to have reached it’s dramatic conclusion with the defeat of Frieza. That was suppose to be the crowning  achievement of ridiculous in that series.

There’s excitement around this new series as Akira Toriyama (The creator of the series) is working on the story. Which of course means that there is a 90% percent chance of the series containing high levels of shenanigans (Majin Buu saga level silliness) if the new movies are anything to go by. Toriyama was largely kept in check during the series to keep things more serious by his editors. Towards the end of the series however he was given more free reign to do whatever he wanted (with the exception of bringing Goku back as the hero)

Look I love the Dragonball series alot, its iconic and set the trend of shounen manga and anime for decades to follow (for better or for worse). But let’s be real here…Dragonball’s time has long since passed, it will never be what it once was, and it will never be as good. I will of course still watch the new series, if only to satisfy my curiosity of what exactly the Z crew will be doing in this strange new world…

Let us know what you think!

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