Choices Choices

My Uncle John is blind and for the most part, we do things that we can all enjoy.  Unfortunately, there are those occasions where you can’t please everyone and Uncle John is given the choice between two things that are not all that fun when you can’t see. He laughed about it when I realized his choices were not the best and suggested I make a comic about it.  I am really glad Uncle John is in my life.  He reminded me that sometimes you can’t get upset and you just have to make the best of it.

We went up to a place about an hour outside of Bend, OR that has the biggest thunder eggs we have ever seen.  Because this rock bed is newly discovered we were some of the first people to dig there.  I will post pictures when we get these rocks cut open to see what is inside of them.

And no worries, Uncle John got to do plenty of things he enjoys 🙂

Sorry for not shading this comic, I’ve gotten sick and we had a minimal amount of time to complete this.



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