Christmas Special 2014

Twas the night before Christmas, and at the kids table
Two children were bored, unplugged from their cables
Electronics were banned, so their parents had said
But the order made sense, a feast was ahead!

Christmas Special 01

Some adults, they noticed the young children’s plight,
and thought to themselves we must make it right’
So they thought up a plan both clever and gleeful.
Yuji raised his glass and said ‘a toast to evil!’

Christmas Special_02

The stove alarm beeped. The turkey was done!
The children sat down, the feast had begun!
Everyone knew that the peace would soon end,
when the parents entered to the land of pretend.

The sparkling cider began to flow freely,
as the kid’s table gathered, planned their great scheme.
The adults themselves, now children in spirit,
elected their revolutionary leader, King Barrett!

Roles were assigned to further the illusion.
The children had found their boredom solution!
Beast-master, assassin, architect, spy.
Now the minutes were just flying by!

The last role assigned was the diplomat.
Who planned the first of their many attacks.
First, a distraction with cute little eyes,
but it wasn’t long before the parents caught wise.

Smug at their table, the parents built up suspense.
To them, having fun with the children made sense.
Soon they pretended their tempers did boil,
and swore that the children’s plot would be foiled!


Battle was waged in the dining room hall.
Children against parents in an all out brawl.
The tide of the battle soon turned in the favor,
of the victorious parents, who proved themselves greater.

Their plan was thwarted, their attacks were defeated.
After trying their best, the children retreated.
They claimed the downstairs and promised they’d persevere
The children sat diligent and prepared for next year.

Christmas Special_04

The young ones soon left, tired and full of food.
Taken home by their parents, who were in a good mood.
The rest of the children, now adults once more,
Got stuck with the dishes, and cleaning the floor.

Christmas Special 05

The children returned upon Christmas day.
They live just up the hill, so they can’t stay away.
Being greeted with cookies created bright faces,
They stared under the tree, with unwavering gazes.

Paper and bows were shredded, torn away,
While oblivious parents began their soiree.
Whispers and glances in the shadows began,
the initial steps of next year’s cunning plan.

Christmas Special 06

Merry Christmas!  We hope you enjoyed it!

Let us know what you think!

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