The Age Old Video Game Enemy

If Wolfenstein or the new Call of Duty are any indication, then they’re still going strong as video games #1 Cannon Fodder.


Illustrations 7/13/17

Apologies, but the comic will be late due to some changes being made to the comic, and unexpected pain days for Tea. It will be up next week on Friday. In the meantime please enjoy illustrations I’ve been working on throughout the week.

Big Cats are not pets

Gimli is what you call an expert level cat.  He loves you, but only if you are very very respectful, and even then, he’s so big (20lbs, not overweight) that he causes accidental damage.

I have been watching Big Cat Derek and Big Cat Rescue a lot recently.  People who rescue big cats are amazing.  There are so many big cats out there in need because stupid idiots don’t realize what or who tigers, lions, mountain lions, etc.. really are.  All you have to do is imagine your house meow, and then picture them playing with you or a toy but they are 500 pounds larger and their teeth could puncture your skull.

Not even thinking of the danger… cooping up a 500 pound cat in a home is overtly cruel.

So I wrote this comic to try and bring a little light on an issue I am passionate about.  Who knows, we might write more 🙂

EDIT: Sorry for the late post.. I thought I set this to post at midnight, but in reality it was set to post at noon.  WHOOPS!

Creating Elements of Our Story Logo

Working on a logo for our comic story. These are the three different elements of the story. I will probably take these individual images and find a better way to integrate them into a singular logo.

We will be having a comic up this Friday for our return.

– Yuji