The Age Old Video Game Enemy

If Wolfenstein or the new Call of Duty are any indication, then they’re still going strong as video games #1 Cannon Fodder.


Illustrations 7/13/17

Apologies, but the comic will be late due to some changes being made to the comic, and unexpected pain days for Tea. It will be up next week on Friday. In the meantime please enjoy illustrations I’ve been working on throughout the week.

Happy Birthday Tea!

The original plan was for the final panel to have everyone who supported me through this stroke cheering around me… but Yuji has to do this thing called sleeping and eating.

What I could not add in here is I’m also filling my weekend with things to do because I was not able to fly to Vermont to attend my spiritual brothers wedding.  Missing out on the wedding really hurts, as I really want to be there for that life changing event.  So Yuji’s Mom is making a awesome dinner on Friday night, my close friends will distract me on Saturday with a Keanu Reeves movie night and on Sunday, Yuji and I are going to the Midsomer Festival!  Just the two of us, exploring a medieval town around the time when the story we are writing takes place.  A almost perfect weekend. (Obviously a perfect weekend would have been going to the wedding but unfortunately healing brains and flying in airplanes don’t mix well 😦 )

We even got a cake from Bakery Nouveau.  Something about Rasberries, Almonds and Buttercream.  Its going to be delicious.


Illustration 6/16/17: Sketches

We have a sketch post for Friday this week, due to two things. First is that I have acquired a new day job, which has required rigorous training which has left me a bit brain dead. In addition I also came down with a mild fever this week, and was unable to dedicate enough time to the comic between my other work. We will have a comic up next Friday as well as a new inked illustration for Tuesday so please look forward to that.

– Yuji