Illustration 8/8/17

Pastel color of Wren, one of our original characters for our upcoming story.


Illustration 7/25/17

I drew an old character’s of Tea that she requested, to see what I could draw of her more seductive characters. It was a fun little sketch to do. Something to distract me from the existential horror that is going to be next week’s comic. In addition Tea continues to work on and post her coloring, which is fabulous. Featured this week is a character named Alyx who we are exploring as a half Japanese/British, that was formerly just British. And then there is Thyra, a female knight that’s part of the story we continue to work on.

Happy Birthday Tea!

The original plan was for the final panel to have everyone who supported me through this stroke cheering around me… but Yuji has to do this thing called sleeping and eating.

What I could not add in here is I’m also filling my weekend with things to do because I was not able to fly to Vermont to attend my spiritual brothers wedding.  Missing out on the wedding really hurts, as I really want to be there for that life changing event.  So Yuji’s Mom is making a awesome dinner on Friday night, my close friends will distract me on Saturday with a Keanu Reeves movie night and on Sunday, Yuji and I are going to the Midsomer Festival!  Just the two of us, exploring a medieval town around the time when the story we are writing takes place.  A almost perfect weekend. (Obviously a perfect weekend would have been going to the wedding but unfortunately healing brains and flying in airplanes don’t mix well 😦 )

We even got a cake from Bakery Nouveau.  Something about Rasberries, Almonds and Buttercream.  Its going to be delicious.


Big Cats are not pets

Gimli is what you call an expert level cat.  He loves you, but only if you are very very respectful, and even then, he’s so big (20lbs, not overweight) that he causes accidental damage.

I have been watching Big Cat Derek and Big Cat Rescue a lot recently.  People who rescue big cats are amazing.  There are so many big cats out there in need because stupid idiots don’t realize what or who tigers, lions, mountain lions, etc.. really are.  All you have to do is imagine your house meow, and then picture them playing with you or a toy but they are 500 pounds larger and their teeth could puncture your skull.

Not even thinking of the danger… cooping up a 500 pound cat in a home is overtly cruel.

So I wrote this comic to try and bring a little light on an issue I am passionate about.  Who knows, we might write more 🙂

EDIT: Sorry for the late post.. I thought I set this to post at midnight, but in reality it was set to post at noon.  WHOOPS!