The New Heater

Tea really loves her new heater.

So does everyone else…

Ibb and Obb

Both of my little brothers are very good at not listening to me.

Bear here!  I just wanted to say that Ibb and Obb is a fantastic game.  It reminds me of how Portal 2 felt the first time I played it co-op.  Fantastic scenery as well.  I highly recommend it.  Though as the comic suggests, there are those times where you try to solve a puzzle for ten minutes only to realize that you’ve thought of everything except the simple solution.

The Stockings Were Hung by the Chimney with Care

The young ones soon left, tired and full of food.
Taken home by their parents, who were in a good mood.
The rest of the children, now adults once more,
Got stuck with the dishes, and cleaning the floor.

Read the whole poem here! (work in progress)

Borderlands Port-A-Potty Logic

What mysterious energy drives loot up from the fetid depths to be scooped up (ugh) by greedy vault hunters?   Is it a secret sauce from Moxxi’s questionable drinks?  Perhaps a side affect of the design of very cheap port-a-potties?  I have never seen a better reason in any video game for hordes of grumpy people with guns trying to shoot each other than exploding toilets launching bones and feces.  I was so startled the first time HUMAN BONES came erupting out of a port-a-potty I literally backed away from the screen as to not get hit!  I still picked up the guns though.  I can always wash my hands later.

You Guys Rock!

I’d just like to take a moment and thank all the Sailor Moon fans who enjoyed Yuji’s recent comic and shared it with their friends.  Thank you!  Come back Tuesday for a new comic by Tea.  Yuji’s comic will be posted on Thursday as usual.

Thanks again for sharing us!

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel First Impressions

If you guys are anything like me, then you like to wait for a game to come down in price or be chosen for a Steam sale before you buy it.  There are some games, however, that have provided a record of quality that almost demands they be purchased immediately.  Borderlands is one of those series that demands my attention.  According to Steam records I have put in over 500 hours of game time in the first two Borderlands games.  What can I say, those guys really know how to make an awesome game.  That hours played number is probably skewed a little by me walking away from the computer with the game still running but that’s still a lot of time.  This first impressions review is going to be extremely spoiler free.  I like experiencing games for myself so I’m going to write like you guys do too.

To put it bluntly, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel lives up to it’s predecessors so far.  This is going to be quick and dirty so get your boots on and strap in:

The classes are well built and less generic, though Wilhelm is a little dull in the beginning.  There are some of the recurring characters but they’re only peppered in and not dominating the story lines.  The lowered gravity on the moon allows for more movement oriented fighting styles, and they take advantage of it with Oz kits.  The vehicles have interesting new weapon types.  There are more guns than you could possibly use.  And most importantly, CL4P-TP is as funny as ever.  I’m playing through with Conrad and Bryce so I’m getting the co-op experience and I am LOVING IT!

I hope this was enough to get you guys interested.  I say that for purely selfish reasons, I want 2K and Gearbox to keep making Borderlands games. ^_^