New things be happening!

So, remember that comic we talked about? We have decided to make it an online comic and Random Encounterz is going to be a secondary comic.  We are very happy with this decision, as we feel our strengths lie in storytelling and art rather than making a joke comic every week.  We will still post on Random Encouterz every so often.  We hope to have more news for you as things progress 🙂 Wish us luck!

Delayed Post

We have not been very good at updating lately.  This is probably because of my stroke, and our cat dying, and my computer dying… yeah March was not a good month.

So why did we miss today?  WEEEEEEEEL…Yuji was able to save up money and bought us new graphic cards.  We were so wanting for a distraction that we spent all night enjoying said new graphics cards instead of preparing our post for publication.  Its been such a hectic month, we needed the break.

We apologize and promise to post tomorrow what should have been posted today.  (It will lack color since there is not enough time to color it, but fridays comic will be colored.)



We have made the decision to enable Ads on our website in order to support the artists/writers and keep the site running.   Doing what we love for a living is our lifelong dream and Ads are a important part in making that dream come true.

Last night I visited our website only to discover Trump ads plastered all over our site.  This was cause for concern because if someone saw these ads, they might think we were in some way affiliated with this political candidate (which we most certainly are not).

Random Encounterz believes in equality for all people, this includes: race, gender, orientation, faith, and culture.  We are a multicultural, multiracial, multi-faith, multi-gendered and multi-oriented family so we would prefer to accept people as they are and not try to push anything on them.

As a result we are doing what we can to prevent political and religious advertisements from appearing.

In the meantime, be aware we don’t control what ads pop up!  Please keep on reading and supporting us as we hope to be doing this the rest of our lives.


RIP Surface Pro

After many long years of service, my surface pro is no longer usable for artistic endeavors.  The hardware is simply crapping out too often.  I tried everything to fix it, but nothing has worked.  There won’t be a comic posted this friday.  I do have a wacom tablet as a backup, but my brain has a very hard time using it.  I will try to master it and get a comic up as soon as possible.  I don’t know if its possible, but I will try.

Hopefully, I can get a new surface pro soon but that is not feasible in the near future.


Fibro Flare ups suck!

Tea’s Fibromyalgia is kicking her butt recently and she’s not been able to sleep very well.  She now has new meds to help her sleep so she will be much better by next week!  This week, there won’t be a comic from her 😦 She’s catching up on much needed rest.


We got hit by a bad cold, so the comic will be posted either Saturday or Sunday rather than Friday.  Perhaps it will be delayed till Tuesday, but we don’t want to let you down so we will try our best 🙂

Sorry for not having a new comic posted.

Please forgive me!  The air quality on Sunday was horrendous, due to the wildfires in Washington State.  It set off a very horrendous pain attack, which I am still recovering from.   Our comic should continue as scheduled this Thursday (unless the smoke from the wildfires drifts our way again.)

I love you fans! I hate to disappoint you 😦