Out of Beta: [WoW] A “daily” adjustment

Thursday, December 18, 2014

[WoW] A “daily” adjustment

A new player to Warlords (do those exist?) would have to be forgiven for having absolutely no idea what Daily Quests are. At level 100 I see at most a handful a day and most of those are optional quests from the Garrison. This fictional new player would have no idea that at one point in WoW’s history (amusingly enough, when WoW was taking place in Draenor’s alternate history predecessor, Outland) a player could expect to _FILL_ their quest log with dailies during any particular day. Expansions since Cataclysm have pared down the bloat. Truth be told I like not having an entire quest log to grind through every day; the fewer daily quests feel like they give me more meaningful and open-ended, “Do whatever the #$%@ I want” sense of accomplishment. There’s just one more tweak I wish Blizzard would make.

Before you call me a whiner or blithering idiot, this is a change I am essentially stealing from another game. Not that there’s anything wrong with outright stealing gameplay ideas when they work, but I admit I feel a smidgen of guilt at suggesting one game I play steal from another when they’re in direct competition for my (and everyone’s) attention.

That moral quandary aside, I want Blizzard to treat the new “Go kill ~100 things in X area” quests like Final Fantasy XIV treat it’s daily Hunts. For those not familiar, FFXIV gives you a daily set of Hunt Marks at level 50. Hunt Marks are essentially quests that involve “Go to place X, kill X things.” You can only have one set on your character at a time, but you can pick up that day’s even if you had yesterday’s on you, one you complete yesterday’s. So if on Monday I pick up my Hunts but end up setting my face on fire and don’t get a chance to play, I can login on Tuesday and go murder whatever random mobs Monday’s hunt directs. Then I can turn in the hunts from Monday (actually they auto-complete but it’s the same idea) and promptly pick up Tuesdays, allowing me to do effectively two days of hunts in one day. However I haven’t actually GAINED any extra hunts, I just didn’t miss out because one day I couldn’t.

Now, making it so that you could just keep picking up dailies and do them all at a later date would be a bit much, but giving people a one day grace period helps alleviate the feeling that I am punishing myself by missing on the largest apexis shard injection per day. Wanting players to login daily is one thing, but the time investment it takes to do the apexis shard quest makes me want to just say “Screw it…” more than it makes me want to stick around and play.

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You Guys Rock!

I’d just like to take a moment and thank all the Sailor Moon fans who enjoyed Yuji’s recent comic and shared it with their friends.  Thank you!  Come back Tuesday for a new comic by Tea.  Yuji’s comic will be posted on Thursday as usual.

Thanks again for sharing us!

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel First Impressions

If you guys are anything like me, then you like to wait for a game to come down in price or be chosen for a Steam sale before you buy it.  There are some games, however, that have provided a record of quality that almost demands they be purchased immediately.  Borderlands is one of those series that demands my attention.  According to Steam records I have put in over 500 hours of game time in the first two Borderlands games.  What can I say, those guys really know how to make an awesome game.  That hours played number is probably skewed a little by me walking away from the computer with the game still running but that’s still a lot of time.  This first impressions review is going to be extremely spoiler free.  I like experiencing games for myself so I’m going to write like you guys do too.

To put it bluntly, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel lives up to it’s predecessors so far.  This is going to be quick and dirty so get your boots on and strap in:

The classes are well built and less generic, though Wilhelm is a little dull in the beginning.  There are some of the recurring characters but they’re only peppered in and not dominating the story lines.  The lowered gravity on the moon allows for more movement oriented fighting styles, and they take advantage of it with Oz kits.  The vehicles have interesting new weapon types.  There are more guns than you could possibly use.  And most importantly, CL4P-TP is as funny as ever.  I’m playing through with Conrad and Bryce so I’m getting the co-op experience and I am LOVING IT!

I hope this was enough to get you guys interested.  I say that for purely selfish reasons, I want 2K and Gearbox to keep making Borderlands games. ^_^

I’m Totally Ignorant Of What I’m Doing! YAY!!!

Basically we’re in the process of moving hosts and many of our plugins and such aren’t going to be able to work.  Please be patient with us during the transfer.


Ten Things To Do In Payday 2 While You’re Waiting For The Drill

This list is for those of you who use preparation and cunning rather than amateurish brute force.

Congratulations! You have managed to successfully control the situation, there’s no cops, and your thermal drill is grinding away on a vault. It takes roughly five thousand years for the drill to make any progress, so you’ve got time to spend. Just make sure not to kill any civilians. Unless of course it’s a bank job, then you can kill the tellers. Bain gets mad, but honestly who cares about him? Anyway, you and your crew are now left with nothing to do. I know in my crew attention spans are short, so I’ve come up with a list of things you can do while the slowest drill in the universe carves through the vault door with what appears to be a drain snake:

  1. Move hostages – Put hostages in the dark corner where they’re going to live until someone finds them. This is a productive activity that will prevent passers by from doing something stupid, like calling the cops. Make sure to leave the hostages food and water because by this point it’s unlikely anyone will see them for a while.
  2. Body bag guards – It’s probable that you and your crew have killed a GenSec guard or two to get to this point. You’ve answered their pagers otherwise you wouldn’t have the opportunity to read this list on account of the bullets flying towards you. However, after answering their pagers, you discover that you have this annoying body just laying on the floor announcing your actions to the world. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement to bag the bodies and move them to the same dark corner you put the hostages. That way the body won’t be seen by anyone, and the hostages have a gentle reminder of their place in what’s going on. Clear communication is important in every relationship.
  3. Repair the drill – It’s nice that Bain has someone who is skilled enough to place thermal drills where they’re needed. I’m especially impressed with the drill expertly delivered on the back of a truck in the bank parking lot. But the guy who flies it in on a chopper is okay too. Everyone’s special. Regardless of how it got there, the drill is a piece of junk that breaks down every thirty seconds or so. If one of your crew is good with drills they may have set it up so the stupid thing will turn itself back on occasionally. But most likely someone is going to have to go over and fix it. This task takes only about 5 seconds, but is important to success.
  4. Break open ATMs – This would be a really fun thing to do. Unfortunately for you, your crew didn’t bring enough ECM jammers. I would also like to mention the possibility of using a saw to open the ATMs, but it’s most likely that the guy who could bring it chose not to because guns are cooler. Also, if you’re being sneaky you might not want to alert everyone to what you’re doing. Your call. I don’t judge.
  5. Dazzle the hostages – You’re a bank robber. It’s a respectable trade. But deep in your soul lays the heart of a poet, and right now you have the most captive audience ever! I’m sure they’ll love it.
  6. Destroy everyone’s stuff – You’ve only got so much room in the van, but that won’t stop you from destroying everything these people have. Besides, you only needed a handful of bullets, but you brought so much more!
  7. Play Charades – It’s the ultimate time waster!
  8. Knit a sweater – Come on, you’ve always wondered if you could. Now’s the perfect time to learn!
  9. Call your mother – Your S.O. has been reminding you to do it all week. At least now you won’t have to lie when you say you did it already. Besides, she’s worried about you.
  10. Catch up on Game of Thrones – Whether you’re reading the books or watching the show, you know you’ve picked a side. You have chosen who you want to keep the Iron Throne. You have plenty of time.

This list is usually enough to occupy my crew and I throughout the slow agony of waiting for the drill. Feel free to add to and change it to suit the needs of your crew.

Moving Stories: Part 2

I wish I was an artist sometimes. Not because I have an untapped well of human experience that I want to share with the world, no. I wish I was an artist because I’m not sure I can properly express in words the amount of frustration that has oozed from my family and I since we moved here. Frustration that I am channeling inward towards my inevitable ulcer, possibly aneurysm. I’m not good with biology.

It’s been two weeks since my last update. Since then, I have managed to lose my Blizzard account authenticator. I should have used the phone app, I know that now. But losing my fob is just the start. The list of things we’ve done to make this place a home is impressive. The list of tasks yet to be done feels staggering. Everyone says moving is an unpleasant thing to do. But any word one uses to describe it feels insufficient in the moment. I guess that’s true with a lot of things. It pleases me to think that a year from now this will just be ‘that one time’ when we spent weeks at our wit’s end. It’s one of the things keeping me going, honestly. However, being as this is called ‘Moving Stories’ I should probably tell you guys one.

I have one word to say to the electrician that wired this house. Schooling, as in, get some. I won’t presume to know the kind of work that goes into wiring a house. I’ve never done it and I’ve never watched it be done. However, I know a flawed design when I see it. Flaw number one, major appliances don’t always have their own circuits. Flaw number two, major appliances that don’t have their own circuit share it with huge chunks of the rest of the house. Flaw number three, whatever it is that makes slightly different parts of the house lose power when the same circuit blows. Seriously, it’s weird. The last flaw is that there’s no surge protector on our 100 amp electrical panel. I just recently learned that 100 amps is completely insufficient for a house of five gamers all of whom like to enjoy their electronics when they’re home. But we knew about that problem going in, and it will be fixed soon.

On a more positive note, the new Borderlands game comes out on the 14th. My goal is to have time to play it by then. I’m really looking forward to playing as Claptrap. Some people find him annoying but I think he’s hilarious.

Moving Stories: Part 1

I spent last night packing up the basement of the house where I grew up. You’d think that would have led to Tea and I finding precious objects from our childhood while discovering forgotten memories. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. What we did last night was put books from the library into boxes. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? Put the box together, put the books in it, tape it up, next box. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. WRONG! Between Tea’s fibromyalgia and me being embarrassingly overweight, what should have been simple for people in their 20s became a pain filled evening of monotonous torment. I used to tease my father when he complained about back pain. Not in a school yard bully kind of way, but still. I now understand his anguish. The worst part is I know that it’ll just get worse as I grow older, especially if I don’t ditch this weight. I can’t imagine what Tea went through. She started in the morning, I showed up later. That’s right, it took an entire day to pack the staggering amount of books my family has collected and kept throughout the years. By the end I started wishing I could just look at a pile of books and hold the G key on some imaginary keyboard. This would, of course, make the pile of books bag itself like in Payday 2. Then I could toss them around all I wanted and they wouldn’t tear, bend, or otherwise lose value. *Sigh* that would have been wonderful.

Treasure Goblin Folly: The Full Story

Ever wonder where all the treasure goblins go in Diablo 3? Those infuriating little punks that vanish through portals with sacks of loot that are rightfully yours! Ever wonder where all that precious, eye glistening treasure ends up? It turns out treasure goblins disappear into the realm of the demon, Greed and as of patch 2.1.0, players lucky enough to kill a treasure goblin have a chance of going through its portal. It wasn’t in the patch notes, so when Brian, Bryce, Conrad, and I got together we were unprepared. We found our way there not minutes after Conrad went AFK. He went to say good night to his girlfriend and told us to “go on ahead”. Sucker. What we found there was astonishing, astounding, and if I might be so cliched, breathtaking. After defeating Greed, and thanks in part to Blizzard’s generous event buff, we walked away with a ton of loot. Approximately a dozen or so high quality gems, three legendary items, one legendary gem, and 23,000,000 gold each. It was beautiful!

The best part was that Conrad came back just in time to see the now barren chest that had not thirty seconds before fallen from the sky to crush Greed into bits and then chew on the leftovers. Yes, the chest significantly bigger than the demon god Greed ate its former master in the most symbolic way possible. Thankfully it did so after spewing loot like someone with stomach flu intentionally going for distance. Also, every time someone clicked on it, the chest took another bite. That occupied us for longer than I’d like to say….

Conrad complained about it off and on the rest of the night. It didn’t help that we were constantly rubbing it in his face. He’ll think twice next time about telling us to go on ahead without him.

What Ifs: Watch Dogs Edition

I had a realization the other day that kind of scared me. Being scared is kind of a regular thing for me, but this was different. This realization left me pondering if what I do in video games without a second thought is something I could or would do under similar circumstances in real life. More specifically, could I potentially steal from people that live paycheck to paycheck with no room for error. It would be nice to say that nothing could drive me to such a thing, but people do it every day. Let me explain. A little while back I bought a graphics card that came with a free copy of Watch Dogs. I installed it on my new machine as fast as I could, knowing that I would misplace the code as soon as I turned my back. No, seriously, I knew that little piece of paper with the code on it would just vanish the second I took my eyes off it.

Not a lot happened with Watch Dogs after that. I got distracted by funny Rooster Teeth videos and modding Skyrim, among other things. As you have probably realized I wasn’t overwhelmingly excited about the prospect of playing Watch Dogs. I read a couple of negative reviews, and the controversy regarding its graphics potential didn’t do much for me either. I’m not sure what made me change my mind and play it. Maybe I was just that bored. Whatever it was, I’m glad it caught my attention because Watch Dogs is a lot of fun. Sure, I could get nit picky about this or that, but when it comes down to it Ubisoft released a solid, fun, and interesting game that has already consumed about a dozen hours of my life.

Being a vigilante in Chicago isn’t easy. There’s cops and gangsters and everywhere you turn there’s another petty thug trying to get his piece of some poor sucker’s wallet. In order to fight crime, one needs money. Unfortunately, the main character of Watch Dogs, Aiden Pearce, doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy to want a steady nine to five. And with all the crime in the game’s version of Chicago, he doesn’t really have the time for it either. So instead of that, Pearce decides to use his impossibly powerful phone to hack the bank accounts of any citizen he happens past. It’s incredibly hypocritical behavior if you ask me. Protecting the people then stealing from them. It’s possible that he justifies it by thinking protecting people from getting beaten up or killed in alleyways gives him the right to do ‘whatever is necessary’ in order to continue. Maybe he just wants revenge for the death of his niece and doesn’t care who he hurts along the way. Hopefully the game will explore that more. Whatever the reason, hacking people’s bank accounts becomes a pretty regular thing as one plays the game.

This is where my realization shows up. I was walking up and down the street in front of a gun shop, hacking whoever I could find. I was thinking about the highly rated automatic shotgun I was going to buy for use on my next mission. Then I came across a woman who looked like anybody else. Without considering what I was doing, I hacked this woman’s $430 bank account. Then I read her total income and her profession. She made 23k a year as a day care worker. A day care worker! Someone who works with children, most likely at a non-profit business. At that income level, $430 is a huge chunk of money. As the son of a childcare professional, I was disappointed with myself. I paused the game and hung my head. Then it hit me. In a flash of memory I realized that wasn’t the first day care worker I’d taken money from that day. It was the third.