We have made the decision to enable Ads on our website in order to support the artists/writers and keep the site running.   Doing what we love for a living is our lifelong dream and Ads are a important part in making that dream come true.

Last night I visited our website only to discover Trump ads plastered all over our site.  This was cause for concern because if someone saw these ads, they might think we were in some way affiliated with this political candidate (which we most certainly are not).

Random Encounterz believes in equality for all people, this includes: race, gender, orientation, faith, and culture.  We are a multicultural, multiracial, multi-faith, multi-gendered and multi-oriented family so we would prefer to accept people as they are and not try to push anything on them.

As a result we are doing what we can to prevent political and religious advertisements from appearing.

In the meantime, be aware we don’t control what ads pop up!  Please keep on reading and supporting us as we hope to be doing this the rest of our lives.