RIP Surface Pro

After many long years of service, my surface pro is no longer usable for artistic endeavors.  The hardware is simply crapping out too often.  I tried everything to fix it, but nothing has worked.  There won’t be a comic posted this friday.  I do have a wacom tablet as a backup, but my brain has a very hard time using it.  I will try to master it and get a comic up as soon as possible.  I don’t know if its possible, but I will try.

Hopefully, I can get a new surface pro soon but that is not feasible in the near future.


Fibro Flare ups suck!

Tea’s Fibromyalgia is kicking her butt recently and she’s not been able to sleep very well.  She now has new meds to help her sleep so she will be much better by next week!  This week, there won’t be a comic from her 😦 She’s catching up on much needed rest.