Crush Them!

My father wrote two comics which we have published in the last week.  The first was They All Want To Win! and the second was today’s comic It’s a Hard Life.  Like many comics we do in Random Encounterz, these comics are based off of my fathers real life experiences.  Both are true stories, simply told from my fathers perspective.

One of the more popular comics I’ve created was this week’s D&D Lessons.  In the first panel, you’ll note a ranger with a giant spider behind her.  This ranger was my very first D&D character.  I don’t know much about her, because my father (who was DMing the game) killed her off the first time I played her.  To his credit, it was not done out of any sense of malice.  I remember the mix of shock and humor on his face when he looked up at me from behind the DM’s screen.  The roll of the dice determined her fate, but he chose to follow through on it.

She went into his special ‘kill box’ and that was that.  (My father keeps a ‘kill box’ filled with notecards, describing every character he has killed, who was playing them, and how they died.)

At the time of this unfortunate death, I was pretty sad.  I had worked hard on my reading and math skills to be allowed to play Dungeons and Dragons. The rule was, I could not play D&D until I could read and understand the material.  Dad did not do this to exclude me.  Some of my first memories are of sitting on his lap behind the DM screen and rolling dice for him and the players.  He made it very clear that this rule was in place because I needed to be able to be a full fledged player to play a game.  I never needed to be good at a game to play, I only needed to be capable of improving myself while playing it.

I wanted my ranger to live longer than the first game, but I was not particularly mad at my father.  I appreciated the respect he showed me by treating me like a player, and not a child.  It is because of this respect that my Dad is also one of my best friends.



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