Thoughts, announcements and what to expect next week!

This week we went on a feminist binge.  It was a lot of fun and it felt good!

I was going to write more about this but then I realized, I am expressing myself fairly well in my comics.  So I will just say: I just want characters to make sense, regardless of what lies betwixt thine legs.

This friday is Yuji’s birthday, and I have a lot of work to do to get the house ready.  We have been slow moving into our home because Mom and Dad are working very hard to make our old house rentable.  Bear and I have a very limited amount of time where we can function and Yuji is at work all day.  So instead of writing a big blog post, I am going to go clean the house.  This includes setting up his Birthday present on his bran new Xbox one.  Apparently, I need to ‘install’ Halo: Anniversary  onto this console.  INSTALL it, as if buying the physical copy was not enough.  Then, I get to gather the ingredients to bake a cake and birthday meatloaf.  Yum!

Starting this Sunday, we will be posting regularly.  Sundays comics can be drawn by either Yuji or I, but they will be written by Bear.  He deserves his own spot after all the hard work he’s done to build our website and social media networks.

Next Tuesday I will be posting a comic written by my Dad.  Its a awesome Father Daughter collaboration 😀

Let us know what you think!

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