General Announcements

For the most part we have been quiet on social media aspect of things.  In part, this is because we are moving to a new home in real life.  This has been going on for a while, and we are in the final end phases.

Even for someone without fibromyalgia, this kind of thing is a huge energy drain.  As you can imagine, I’m stretched to my limits at the moment.  The plan right now is to continue posting every Tuesday and Thursday.  I may miss a few posts because there are so many unknowns.  Even if I somehow manage to stay on top of my condition, there is no guarantee I will have access to the internet.  And if you think that Yuji and Bear will continue to post, think again.  They are apart of this move too, and are subject to the same unknowns that I am.  Even our extended cast, like Bryce, Evan and Katie, have been drawn into this.  Its an ‘all hands on deck’ kind of situation.

Once everything has settled, you can expect to see the following things happen…

> More regular blog posts and social media updates.  This may include reviews using the ‘pain no pain’ system I’ve set up.

> A paypal link, if you feel generous enough to fund our operation.

> Comics and/or art posted on Sundays

> We will be exploring the idea of a store and the idea taking commissions.  This probably will involve our deviant art accounts somehow… If you have suggestions on this front, please send them to us at

> Creation of a character page, in case your curious about the variety of characters that appear on REZ

> We will be exploring the idea of advertisements.  As much as we love add free websites, we also love being able to eat.

In the meantime, keep enjoying our comics!