A Small Tribute To A Great Man

I think my sister put it best, but I feel like I need to speak as well.

In my opinion, Robin Williams is one of the greatest men who ever lived. He is a hero because he wasn’t just funny. He was funny in a clever sort of way that appealed to my intellectual side as well as making stellar fart jokes. He is the comforting voice from my childhood who played Peter Pan, Batty, Genie, and so many others. As I write this, Flight To Neverland by John Williams is playing in my head and I can’t help but hum along.

The things that make people’s struggles worth it are those moments of laughter and cheer and positive energy that revitalize our tired minds and weary bodies. Robin’s work gave me and everyone I know something to be happy about. It gave us something we didn’t know was missing until he showed it to us.

Thank you, Robin. Thank you for the good times and the laughter. I’ll miss you, everyone I know will miss you. The country, and maybe the whole world, shares our feelings of loss. Our thoughts are with your family. Rest in peace.